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VP Office (Enterprise)

Find contact information for the VP Office (Enterprise) team.

Harriet Lilley
Harriet Lilley

Executive Assistant to the Vice-Provost (Enterprise) and Departmental Manager

Tel: 020 8138 7907 (internal: 07907)
Mobile: 07918 773432
Email: h.lilley@ucl.ac.uk

Harriet manages the UCL Innovation & Enterprise office, facilities and HR. She provides executive support for all aspects of the Vice-Provost’s role and for the Innovation & Enterprise directorate, working with the PA to Directors, HR Officer, Systems Support Manager and Administrative Assistant.

Contact Harriet if you:

  • want to contact or meet with the Vice-Provost (Enterprise) or other members of the directorate
  • have any queries relating to HR, facilities, IT, or other general office matters
  • have any general enquiries about UCL Innovation & Enterprise

Harriet joined UCL Innovation & Enterprise in early 2017, but has been at UCL for over 10 years. She's worked in both academic and professional services departments, covering areas of governance, quality assurance, directorate support and administration.

Gemma Crawley
Gemma Crawley

PA to the Directors

Tel: 020 3108 6145 (internal: 56145)
Email: g.crawley@ucl.ac.uk

As PA to the Directors, Gemma provides day-to-day support to the directors and their teams.

Contact Gemma if you:

  • want to contact or meet with any members of the directorate
  • have any general enquiries about UCL Innovation & Enterprise

Gemma has vast experience working at senior levels within a range of companies and industries, primarily within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. She joined UCL Innovation & Enterprise in 2017.

Jay Gerrans
Jay Gerrans

HR Officer

Tel: 020 3549 5049 (internal: 65049)
Email: j.gerrans@ucl.ac.uk

Jay is responsible for managing the Human Resources function within UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

Contact Jay about:

  • guidance and support on general HR issues
  • making a HR related request (e.g. change to hours, contract extension etc.)
  • recruitment and resourcing related enquiries

Tallia Gordon
Tallia Gordon

Administrative Assistant 

Tel: 020 3108 9180 (internal: 59180)
Email: tallia.gordon@ucl.ac.uk

Tallia joined UCL Innovation & Enterprise in October 2018 and provides day-to-day management of the office. She works alongside the Executive Assistant to Vice-Provost, PA to Directors, and HR Officer to implement structures and processes to ensure the office runs efficiently.

Tallia has vast experience in both administration and customer service management, having worked in retail banking for Santander and in aviation for BMI.

Melissa Lamptey
Melissa Lamptey

Systems Support Manager

Tel: 020 3108 7941 (internal: 57941)
Email: m.lamptey@ucl.ac.uk

Melissa works closely with colleagues in ISD to provide IT support to users in UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

Contact Melissa about:

  • IT and audiovisual faults, for example problems with Microsoft Teams video conferencing
  • recommendations for hardware and software, for example advice on laptop accessories
  • IT best practice, for example file sharing and storage, shared mailboxes