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Knowledge exchange policy and funding

Find contact information for staff involved with knowledge exchange policy and funding.

Knowledge exchange policy

Dr Kathryn Walsh
Dr Kathryn Walsh

Executive Director, UCL Innovation & Enterprise

Tel: 020 3108 8047 (internal: 58047)
Email: k.walsh@ucl.ac.uk

Kathryn heads up teams developing and implementing UCL institutional policies for innovation and enterprise, and allocating funding for innovation and enterprise projects. 

Contact Kathryn about:

  • Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) and Concordat (KEC)
  • institutional strategy for innovation and enterprise
  • innovation and enterprise policy matters

Kathryn’s previous role was Director of the Enterprise Office at Loughborough University. Before that she had an industrial research career in Sharp and BP. She has a BSc and PhD in Physics from King’s College, London.

Lydia Harwood

Strategy and Policy Manager

Tel: 020 3108 8920 (internal: 58920)
Email: l.harwood@ucl.ac.uk

Lydia is responsible for developing and supporting institutional policies to encourage innovation. She also manages the delivery of strategic documents on innovation and enterprise activity across UCL, including knowledge exchange reporting.

Contact Lydia about:

  • reporting to Research England around knowledge exchange and innovation
  • innovation and enterprise policies, including the Disclosure of Conflicts and Declaration of Interest, Revenue Sharing, and Intellectual Property policies

Lydia joined Innovation & Enterprise from UCL Communications and Marketing, where she worked in strategic planning, providing market research to inform the development of marketing strategies and student number planning.

Dr Samuel Drake

Policy Support Officer

Tel: 020 3108 4755 (internal: 54755)
Email: samuel.drake@ucl.ac.uk

Sam is responsible for developing and supporting institutional policies to encourage innovation.

Contact Sam about innovation and enterprise policies, including the:

  • Disclosure of Conflicts and Declaration of Interest Policy
  • Revenue Sharing Policy
  • Intellectual Property Policy

Sam’s background is in history (PhD). Before joining UCL Innovation & Enterprise, he worked in commercial education. 

Knowledge exchange and funding

Ed Harris
Ed Harris

Head of Finance and Innovation Funding

Tel: 020 7679 8185 (internal: 08185)
Email: ed.harris@ucl.ac.uk

Ed is responsible for the management and distribution of more than £7 million of Knowledge Exchange and Impact funding, along with the financial management of the department. He also leads the financial evaluation of new projects, commercial ventures and funding bids.
Ed is a CIPFA qualified chartered accountant. He has 12 years’ experience with higher education finance with KPMG and EY.

Mariana Trejo
Mariana Trejo

Knowledge Exchange Manager

Tel: 020 3108 7933 (internal: 57933) 
Email: m.trejo@ucl.ac.uk

Mariana was appointed Knowledge Exchange Manager in 2014, having worked for UCL since 2012. She's responsible for the effective management of more than £7 million of knowledge exchange and impact funding held by UCL Innovation & Enterprise. UCL staff can contact Mariana about accessing knowledge exchange funding schemes and for advice in shaping a successful project.

Before this, Mariana managed the submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014) for UCL’s School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS). She has more than 15 years’ experience working in the UK Higher Education sector.


Meera Gohil
Meera Gohil

Senior Finance Officer

Tel: 020 3108 7943 (internal: 57943)
Email: m.gohil@ucl.ac.uk

Meera is responsible for coordinating the financial activities and financial management of UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

Contact Meera about:

  • processing interdepartmental transfers (IDTs)
  • financial queries within the department
  • MyFinance and Axiom queries
  • approving expenses and purchase orders for knowledge exchange projects