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UCL Awards for Enterprise 2015 Winners

UCL Business Award 2015

Dr Martin Pule

Autolus is a new biotech company focused on the development and commercialisation of engineered T-cell immunotherapy products for treatment of Cancer. Autolus was founded on the work of Dr Martin Pule a clinical haematologist at UCL Cancer Institute.

The setup of Autolus was supported by Dr Chris Williams, a Senior Business Manager in the Biopharm team at UCLB. Over the last few years Chris has worked closely with Dr Pule to secure patent protection on Dr Pule’s novel T-cell engineering approaches prior to publication.

Chris has also supported Dr Pule’s applications for UCLB Proof of Concept funding and translational grant funding in order to develop these new approaches towards the clinic.  Ultimately this activity culminated in the creation of Autolus and the commitment of £30m in venture financing from Syncona LLP, the venture arm of the Wellcome Trust. This funding aims to accelerate the development of Dr Pule’s T-cell immunotherapy programmes towards the clinic.

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UCL Business One-to-Watch Award 2015

Prof Tony Kenyon and Dr Adnan Mehonic

The UCL RRAM is part of the leading edge of an initiative by the semiconductor industry to overcome technological problems (such as increased power consumption, necessity to shrink the size of microelectronic components) faced by current generation of electronic devices. The use of RRAM can facilitate the creation of smaller, more efficient and more adaptive devices, becoming the underlying fabric of the next generation of microelectronics and leading to a huge step forward in all aspects of our interaction with modern electronics devices.

The UCL team have researched and developed a new type of non-volatile computer memory, Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) which is faster and more efficient than current Flash memory. RRAM is a promising and potentially disruptive concept for future computer memories. The UCL RRAM is directly compatible with the fabrication processes used in semiconductor fabrication of microelectronic devices (CMOS) enabling integration with the next generation of microprocessors which will power high-speed and efficient devices in the consumer electronics, automotive industry, and medical device markets. The team are having early stage discussions with strategic development partners to finalise route to market.

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UCL Consultants Award 2015

Dr Tristan Smith

Tristan has led various projects with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in the last financial year. Both pieces of work were project consultancies involving consortium members for a combined value of approx. £350,000.

The update study on greenhouse gas emissions commissioned by the IMO (a UN organisation) is of particular importance in shaping future international shipping policies and consequently will have a big impact on the shipping industry. It has raised the profile of the Energy Institute and is expected to lead to further opportunities with the industry as well as the IMO.  He’s been a champion of consultancy within BSEER and is an enthusiastic supporter of UCL C.onsultants.

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UCL Social Enterprise Project of the Year Award 2015

UCL Centre for Access to Justice

UCL’s Centre for Access to Justice (CAJ) offers free legal advice and representation to those in the local community most in need of assistance in social welfare, employment, and education disputes.

Working in partnership with The Free Representation Unit and Just for Kids Law, CAJ also provides support to local charities in an age of increased economic austerity and overwhelming legal need. Since 2012, CAJ students have provided over 3,100 hours of free legal advice, represented over 75 clients in tribunals with a 76% success rate, and assisted a further 30 clients and their families with education and community care matters.

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London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge 2015 Winner


Chris Underdown - BA Music & Sonic Media (LSBU)
Truong Thinh Ha - BSc Psychology
Alessia Sannazzaro -MEng Design and Innovation at Goldsmiths University

Music discovery app which delivers personalised recommendations.

London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge 2015 Joint Runner Up (UG)


Sophia Mahfooz - BA English Language & Lit

Recruitment agency for the entertainment industry.

London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge 2015 Joint Runner Up (UG)


Arindra Das -MSc ICT Innovation
Naomi Poyser - BA Classics

Social network for gardeners.

London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge 2015 Runner Up (PG/AL)

Digi Shopper

Dorian Krimme -MSc Social Cognition

A B2C solution that enables online shopping with digital currencies (e.g.
Bitcoin) as a payment method.

London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge 2015 Best Social Enterprise  (PG/AL)


Ejiro Okorodudu - MSc Neuroscience

Careers advisory service for 13-19 year olds.

London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge 2015 Best Presentation (PG)

ETAL Skincare

Kieran Latham - MSc Tech Entrep
Gracie Oury - MSc Tech Entrep

Natural, evidence-based skincare products.

London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge 2015 Highly Commended  (PG)


Emile Paffard-Wray- MSci Natural Sciences

An online platform for learning and tutoring technical skills

London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge 2015 Highly Commended (PG)


Max Blanshard - PhD Biosciences

A portal (similar to RightMove) but for multiple tutoring agencies, enabling a one-stop shop for tuition seekers.

UCL Provost's Spirit of Enterprise Award Winner 2015

Prof Rachel McKendry

Rachel McKendry is Professor of Biomedical Nanotechnology at UCL and holds a joint position at the London Centre for Nanotechnology and Division of Medicine. Throughout her research career, Rachel has championed engagement and collaboration with industry to enhance her research activities and provide her students and postdocs with valuable exposure to the commercial world. Rachel was awarded an £11m EPSRC grant in 2013 to develop global early warning systems for infectious diseases (i-sense) with academic, clinical and high profile industry partners.

She is working with Google Flu Trends on their modelling techniques that will contribute to the earlier global detection of flu outbreaks, and has seeded a partnership with Microsoft to track the spread of infectious diseases using Twitter and search engine queries. Rachel has led on very successful industry workshops, in collaboration with the Infectious Disease Research Network, and on an NIHR Innovation for Invention award with OJ-Bio to develop a mobile phone-connected diagnostic test for HIV. She previously held a £1.6m Grand Challenge grant in multi-marker nanosensors for HIV with industry partners. 

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UCL Small and Medium Enterprise Partner of the Year Award 2015

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

The Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst (SBC) is a unique bioscience open innovation hub that emphasises collaboration offering small biotech and life sciences companies and start-ups access to experts, networks and facilities that are usually only accessible from within large multinational companies. This ecosystem hosts over 40 companies ranging from SME and large corporates such as GSK, Lilly, J&J and GE and academic representation of UCL and Cambridge university. SBC has partnered with UCL by providing invaluable support to a broad portfolio of UCL translational research projects with over 30 staff (part and full time), drawn from multiple faculties and a UCL spin-out, Puridify.

The SBC ecosystem provides UCL students with a variety of internship opportunities in SMEs or Big Pharma such as GSK. UCL early career researchers are benefiting from the enterprising environment created by the SBC management team to foster collaborative research. In specific Martino Picardo, the CEO of SBC together with it’s management team, has provided dedicated life science expert network, organized mentoring workshops in bioscience entrepreneurship tailored for academic audience, facilitated access to funding and legal advices, and in kind contributions of specialised equipment and services. This wide ranging support has facilitated the accelerated growth of UCL’s bioscience research from bench to bedside.Watch the UCL Small and

Small and Medium Enterprise Partner of the Year Award 2015 video

UCL Corporate Enterprise Partner of the Year 2015


Intel is an outstanding partner for UCL, and has enabled us to take a global lead in Cities research, using London as a testbed.  This triple-helix partnership has established (with Imperial as an academic partner) the Intel Collaborative Research Institute (ICRI) for Sustainable Connected Cities.

This is Intel’s first research centre and global hub dedicated to exploring how technology can support and sustain the social and economic development of cities worldwide. It will aim to address the social, economic, and environmental challenges of city life with computing technology, helping to provide practical solutions to problems ranging from droughts and long commute times to wasteful use of energy.    
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UCL Best Mentor Award 2014

Peter Rosen

In 2014, Peter Rosen gave a lot of time to mentor two businesses through UCL Advances: Abstract Data and Fairy Tale Gourmet. In both cases, Peter has spent an exceptional amount of time with the owners to not only take the businesses on further, but much more to turn things around towards success.

Peter has always been generous with his time, his advice and his network, yet never holding back and always proving to be a challenging third party to business owners. Peter has been a fantastic business mentor with UCL Advances and we look forward to many more years of hearing about his successes!

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UCL Best Impact by a Student Consultancy Project 2015

Securedtech Ltd Consultancy Team

Securedtech Ltd has traditionally been a major IT sub-contracting firm working in large corporate. One of their most recent subcontracts was with Heathrow Terminal 2 for 2 years, deploying all Cisco networking devices and extending secure VPN to the terminal, deploying Wireless Local Area Network, IP telephone and IP CCTV.
The brief for the team was to work out the best routes to market for a number of products and services, together with identifying potential customer in selected areas, as the company was now looking to offer such products directly to the SME market.

During the span of the project the team researched the market and analysed 6 competitors in information security, while also researching worldwide IT security standards. They focused on the ISO 27001 standard, and then generated a list of consultancies in the sector without the certification, effectively providing a list of potential new clients. This was a complex project and their work had a real impact for the business straight away.

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UCL Knowledge Transfer Business of the Year 2015

Techna International

Techna have established a long term collaboration with the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, working on a number of Knowledge Transfer and student based projects over the last two years. Since starting its Knowledge Transfer Partnership with UCL, Techna has significantly grown, in both turnover and staff and has plans for expansion into new markets. 

The capabilities developed within the KTP has already enabled Techna to make significant cost savings and generate new streams of income through product development

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UCL Life Learning Award 2015

The Bartlett Professional Practice and Management in Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 3) Team

Susan (Soo) Ware, along with her team, has been successfully running the Architecture Professional Qualification (RIBA Part 3) for many years as a tremendous addition to the Bartlett's architecture offering. Her course, run alongside, but separate to the other taught architecture courses at the Bartlett, has received and successfully taught/trained many hundreds of early career professional architects over these years.

This course with Soo at the helm is one of the great unsung heroes of the Bartlett and UCL, resulting in both heightened reputation and great loyalty for the Bartlett and UCL.

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UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015


Michael Ginzo - 3rd Yr Beng Civil Engineering
Robert Juergens - Affiliate Student, Computer Science

Demand based provisioning of resources in buildings, making space utilisation less painful.

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015


Amanda Campbell - 3rd Yr BSc Architecture & Interdisciplinary Studies

Compostable tents for music festivals.

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015


Ali Tehrani - 3rd Yr, BSc Economics & Geography
Parham Saidi- Alumnus, BSc Computer Science 201

Smart media database to help SMEs & start-ups cost-effectively use PR.

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015


Arindra Das -MSc ICT Innovation
Naomi Poyser - BA Classics

Social network for gardeners.

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015


Martin Ruskov - Alumnus, PhD Computer Science

Platform helps foreign language learners remember every single word they come across

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015


Nafisa Bakkar - Alumnus, BSc Natural Sciences 2014
Selina Bakkar

The "ASOS" of the modest islamic fashion world, multi-brand fashion-forward platform.

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015

The New Craft Society

Hannah Silvani - MA Modern European Studies
Rosie Scott - non UCL - BSc Psychology

Products and services that encourage people to learn traditional crafting techniques.

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015


Max Blanshard - 2nd Yr PhD Biosciences BBSRC DTP
Andrey Klebanov -  non UCL, Mevyn Digital   

Portal for agencies to display all of their tutors in one place - a la "RightMove" .

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015


Gaoyue Ouyang - MSc Technology Entrepreneurship 2015
Rubporn Sookaup - MSc Technology Entrepreneurship 2015
Xinhui Qian - London College of Fashion, 3rd Yr

Fine tea tasting subscription service.

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015

ETAL Skincare

Gracie Oury - MSc Technology Entrepreneurship 2015
Kieran  Latham - MSc Technology Entrepreneurship 2015

Evidence based skincare.

UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015


Daniel Murrer Gomes - MSc Technology Entrepreneurship 2015
Nicolas Arrellaga - Alumnus, BSc Information Management for Business 2014

Platform connecting investors with business who want to borrow, in Brazil.