UCL English


Administrative Staff

Stephen Cadywold
Departmental Manager

Contact for: research, staffing, finance, affiliate and visiting academics

email: s.cadywold@ucl.ac.uk    Tel: 020 7679 3135 (Internal tel. 33135)

Stephen Cadywold

Anita Garfoot
Deputy Departmental Manager

Contact for: current undergraduate students.

email: a.garfoot@ucl.ac.uk    Tel: 020 7679 3134 (Internal tel. 33134)


Carol Bowen
Administrative Assistant

Contact for: general enquiries, alumni.
Departmental Green Champion

email: c.bowen@ucl.ac.uk    Tel: 020 7679 3849 (Internal tel. 33849)


Post vacant (Contact Department Manager)
Admissions and Postgraduate Administrator

Contact for: postgraduate and undergraduate admissions, current postgraduate students, postgraduate funding, schools visits

Departmental Equal Opportunities Liaison Officer




Colm Fallon
UCL Careers Consultant for the English Department
Contact for: Careers advice

Tel: 020 3549 5920

Careers Website: www.ucl.ac.uk/careers


Berry Chevasco
Director of Alumni Relations

email: berrychevasco@yahoo.co.uk