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Dr Jamie Fenton

Email: jamie.fenton@ucl.ac.uk
External phone: 0207 679 3131 (From January 2022: 0207 679 3145)
Internal phone: 33131 (From January 2022: 33145)
Office no: FC 230

Photograph of Jamie Fenton

Education and Experience 

Jamie Fenton began his education at Jesus College, Cambridge, where he completed a BA in English and MPhil in American Literature, before moving on to an AHRC-funded PhD at Pembroke College, Cambridge, which he finished in 2021. In early 2020, he held a Kluge Fellowship at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Research Interests

Jamie’s main research interest is American Literature, especially the literature of the American Civil War. He practices a historical-formalist mode of close reading, which aims to work out how style emerges from and then thinks about its political and cultural environment. His PhD investigated a series of Civil War poets, including Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, Laura Redden, Emily Dickinson, and Paul Laurence Dunbar. He has also written on Woody Guthrie, Henry David Thoreau, and the contemporary poet Erica Dawson.

Further afield, he is interested in encounters between literature and technology of various forms, including sound recording, virtual reality, and the internet.


Articles and Chapters in Books

‘a certain amount of windowpane trouble’: Injury, Censorship and Style in Ernest Hemingway’s London Writing, Symbiosis, forthcoming 2021.

‘“Fit for war”: Rhythm and Bodily Health in Walt Whitman’s Drum-Taps’, Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, 38, 2020, 71-94.

‘“A Dance That Is Danced Standing Still”: Poetic Motion in the Work of Woody Guthrie’, Woody Guthrie Annual, 2017, 4-40.



Sound Recording Technology and American Literature by Jessica E. Teague’, Transatlantica, forthcoming 2022.

‘Tied to the Mast: James Joyce and Absolute Music by Michelle Witen’, Cambridge Quarterly, 49(1), 2020, 80-86.