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Wallis, S.A. (2019), Investigating the additive probability of repeated language production decisions, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics

In the interests of transparency and replicability, this page contains links to spreadsheets and other material used in the study.

All data has been re-extracted and recalculated in August 2019.


References for spreadsheet calculations

Wallis, S.A. (2013), Binomial confidence intervals and contingency tests: mathematical fundamentals and the evaluation of alternative methods. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 20:3, 178-208. » corp.ling.stats » ePublished

Wallis, S.A. (2018), Comparing χ² Tables for Separability of Distribution and Effect: Meta-Tests for Comparing Homogeneity and Goodness of Fit Contingency Test Outcomes. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics. » corp.ling.stats » ePublished.

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