Quick Guide to the TOSCA/ICE Grammar

Function, Category, and Wordclass Labels

N Noun
NADJ Nominal Adjective
NONCL Non-clause
NOOD Notional Direct Object
NOSU Notional Subject
NP Noun Phrase
NPHD Noun Phrase Head
NPPO Noun Phrase Postmodifier
NPPR Noun Phrase Premodifier
NUM Numeral
OD Direct Object
OI Indirect Object
OP Operator
P Prepositional (function)
PARA Parataxis
PC Prepositional Complement
PMOD Prepositional Modifier
PP Prepositional Phrase
PREDEL Predicate Element
PREDGP Predicate Group
PREP Preposition
PROD Provisional Direct Object
PROFM Proform
PRON Pronoun
PRSU Provisional Subject
PRTCL Particle
PS Stranded Preposition
PU Parsing Unit
PUNC Punctuation
REACT Reaction Signal

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