Quick Guide to the TOSCA/ICE Grammar

Function, Category, and Wordclass Labels

DEFUNC Detached Function
DISMK Discourse Marker
DISP Disparate (categories)
DT Determiner
DTCE Central Determiner
DTP Determiner Phrase
DTPE Predeterminer
DTPO Determiner Postmodifier
DTPR Determiner Premodifier
DTPS Postdeterminer
ELE Element (of a non-clause)
EMPTY Empty text unit
EXOP Existential operator
EXTHERE Existential there
FNPPO Floating noun phrase postmodifier
FOC Focus (of a cleft construction)
FRM Formulaic Expression
GENF Genitive Function
GENM Genitive Marker
IMPOP Imperative Operator
INDET Indeterminate
INTERJEC Interjection
INTOP Interrogative Operator
INVOP Inverted Operator
MVB Main Verb

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