Quick Guide to the TOSCA/ICE Grammar

Function, Category, and Wordclass Labels

A Adverbial
ADJ Adjective
ADV Adverb
AJHD Adjective Phrase Head
AJP Adjective Phrase
AJPO Adjective Phrase Postmodifier
AJPR Adjective Phrase Premodifier
ART Article
AUX Auxiliary Verb
AVB Auxiliary Verb (function)
AVHD Adverb Phrase Head
AVP Adverb Phrase
AVPO Adverb Phrase Postmodifier
AVPR Adverb Phrase Premodifier
CF Focus Complement (in a cleft construction)
CJ Conjoin
CL Clause
CLEFTIT Cleft it
CLOP Cleft Operator
CO Object Complement
CONNEC Connective
COOR Coordinator
COOR Coordinator
CS Subject Complement
CT Transitive Complement

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