Quick Guide to the TOSCA/ICE Grammar

Feature Labels

neg negative (pronoun)
nom nominal relative (pronoun)
nonass nonassertive (pronoun)
obrack opening bracket
one pronoun one
-op without operator
oquo opening quotation mark
ord ordinal (numeral)
other other punctuation
partic particularizer (adverb)
pass passive
past past (tense)
per period (full stop)
perf perfective auxiliary
pers personal (pronoun)
phras phrasal (adverb, preposition)
plu plural
poss possessive (pronoun)
prd predicative
preco preposed object complement
precs preposed subject complement
preod preposed direct object
preoi preposed indirect object
prepc preposed prepositional complement
pres present (tense)
presu preposed subject
procl proclitic
prog progressive (auxiliary)
prop proper (noun)
pushdn pushdown
qm question mark
quant quantifier (pronoun)
recip reciprocal (pronoun)
red reduced (clause)
ref reflexive (pronoun)
reference reference
rel relative (adverb, clause, pronoun)

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