Quick Guide to the TOSCA/ICE Grammar

Feature Labels

dash dash
def definite (article)
dem demonstrative (pronoun)
depend dependent (clause)
dimontr dimonotransitive
ditr ditransitive
do auxiliary do
edp -ed participle
ellip ellipsis mark (punctuation)
ellipt elliptical
encl enclitic
excl exclusive (adverb)
exclam exclamative
exist existential
exm exclamation mark
extod extraposed direct object
extsu extraposed subject
for particle for
frac fraction
ge general (adjective, adverb)
genv genitive
hyph hyphenated (numeral)
imp imperative
incomp incomplete
indef indefinite (article)
indrel independent relative
infin infinitive
ingp -ing participle
inten intensifying (adverb)
inter interrogative
intr intransitive
inv inverted
laugh laughter
let let auxiliary
long long pause
main main (clause)
modal modal (auxiliary)
montr monotransitive
mult multiplier (numeral)

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