Survey Seminar Series Autumn 2016

The Survey of English Usage organises a number of seminars each year for staff and students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and beyond. They are generously sponsored by the English Department.

The following research seminars will take place during the Autumn term.

Both seminars will begin at 4.15pm in Foster Court. See below for room details.

Thursday 1st December, 4.15pm, Foster Court 233

  Kate Wild (Oxford English Dictionary)
Grammatical description in the Oxford English Dictionary

Biographical info: Kate Wild is a senior editor at the Oxford English Dictionary, where she has worked for five years, revising and updating OED entries. She has a PhD in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Glasgow, where she also worked for several years on the Historical Thesaurus of the OED. She is particularly interested in historical syntax and corpus linguistics.

Writing an abstract for this talk is a MAEL Research Methods Assignment

Wednesday 7th December, 4.15pm, Foster Court 243

Peter Patrick (Essex)
Number-marking in Jamaican Patwa

Biographical info: Peter Patrick is Professor of Sociolinguistics at the University of Essex, and previously taught in Georgetown University. His wide-ranging interests have led to influential publications across several areas of sociolinguistics, including language variation and change, pidgin and creole studies, sociolinguistic methods, urban dialectology and languages of the African diaspora. He has also worked and published extensively on linguistic human rights, and co-authored the Guidelines for the Use of Language Analysis in Relation to Questions of National Origin in Refugee Cases; he currently co-convenes the Language and Asylum Research Group, and has given expert linguistic advice on immigration and asylum issues to legal and governmental bodies around the world.

Writing an abstract for this talk is a MAEL Research Methods Assignment

All welcome! Drinks afterwards.

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