Survey Seminar Series Autumn 2014

The Survey of English Usage organises a number of seminars each year for staff and students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and beyond. They are generously sponsored by the English Department.

The following research seminars took place during the Autumn term.

Tue 18 November, Foster Court 114, 4:15pm

  Lynne Murphy (Sussex)
"Polite" words in American and British English: how please, thank you and sorry differ

About the author: Lynne Murphy is Reader in Linguistics at the University of Sussex. She has published widely on lexical semantics and lexicology, including the monograph Semantic relations and the lexicon: antonymy, synonymy, and other paradigms and the textbook Lexical Meaning, both for Cambridge University Press. Her research focuses on various aspects of word meaning, and she is particularly interested in the differences between British and American English. She is the author of the blog Separated by a Common Language, and tweets as @lynneguist.

Tue 9 December, Foster Court 114, 4:15pm

Philip Durkin (Oxford English Dictionary)
Lexical borrowing and basic vocabulary: How well can we quantify the impact of loanwords on the basic vocabulary of English? Can we identify any common patterns?

About the author: Philip Durkin is the Deputy Chief Editor and Principal Etymologist of the Oxford English Dictionary. His research on English etymology explores language contact and the nature of English lexis. He has published widely, in both the popular press and academic journals including Transactions of the Philological Society, Dictionaries, and Critical Quarterly. He has also written two monographs for Oxford University Press: The Oxford Guide to Etymology in 2009, and Borrowed Words: A History of Loanwords in English in 2014.

Note: Students studying for their MA in English Linguistics were asked to write their own abstract of one of these talks as an exercise. For this reason, we have not published abstracts here.

All welcome! Drinks afterwards.

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