Academic Writing in English

Available for: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Welcome to the support page for AWE.

AWE is an interactive self-learning course and guide in academic writing, specifically designed for mobile devices. It includes:

  • Interactive exercises that help you learn
  • Checklists for reviewing your critical thinking, your arguments and your essay as a whole
  • An extensive glossary of important terms

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • AWE does not start up / crashes / stops. What should I do?
  • Please Contact Us! so we can try to find out what has gone wrong. Tell us what you were doing when it appeared to go wrong. We may contact you for more information.
  • AWE for iOS has been tested by us on the following devices: iPod Touch 3, iPhone 3-5 and iPad 1-3, and has been reviewed by Apple. AWE for Android has been tested by us on Sony Xperia Mini, Motorola Xoom 2, Samsung Galaxy GT-S5830i and HTC Desire. The Android version runs on Android 2.1-update 1 upwards (the vast majority of Android devices).
  • Does AWE access the internet?
  • No. Once AWE is downloaded it makes no demands on your internet connection. See also our privacy policy.
  • Does AWE make any other technical demands on the device?
  • No. With the obvious exceptions of sound, vision, orientation and vibration, AWE does not access the device hardware.


  • Who is AWE designed for?
  • AWE is written for both native and non-native speakers of English. Whether your first language is English or not, English is the language of academic publishing, and the ability to write well is an international requirement.
  • The course is is suitable for
    • school students preparing for university
    • university students writing course essays and dissertations
    • postgraduates and academic staff who wish to improve their written English in order to get published
  • What is special about academic writing?
  • Academic writing has its own register, or style, that is quite formal and structured. Certain types of language are discouraged.
  • The process of writing an academic essay is not just one of following a system of standards and rules, but is also a way of organising your own thoughts, one where you are expected to display care and rigour in dealing with logical arguments and evidence.
  • How is AWE used?
  • AWE is structured around a course that you can follow from start to finish. It is also a pocketful of advice that you can use when you want. If you just want help turning an ambiguous or colloquial expression into more 'academic' prose, AWE can give you tips from the experts.
  • AWE includes a number of interactive exercises that you can use to test your knowledge or practice what you've learned.
  • Why is AWE given away free?
  • AWE was developed as part of a Teaching Innovations Project at UCL. Universities find that undergraduate students who arrive often struggle to write good academic essays. Students face many challenges in learning a new type of writing. So we want to help our students improve! Postgraduate students may also benefit from AWE.

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