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Meet our UCL Engineering Student Tutors: Hemil Shah, Computer Science MEng

9 February 2021

Continuing our new series, UCL Engineering hears from some of our wonderful student tutors, who provide one-to-one STEM tutoring sessions for east London schoolchildren. Computer Science student Hemil notes the "exceptional dedication" of his tutees in this penultimate article.

Hemil Shah, a UCL Engineering student tutor.

What does being a UCL Engineering student tutor involve?  

Being a student tutor involves providing support to those that may not have had as much as others. The aim is to stretch them as far as they can go. It involves a lot of dedication from us, tutors, as well as the students. These extra sessions really help them realise their potential. 

How has being a student tutor helped you? 

It's helped me develop interpersonal and communication skills. More importantly, it has built my confidence in my ability to make a difference. 

What's the best thing about being a student tutor? 

The outcome. When I see a student smiling about the grade they received at the end of the programme, I know I have been successful.

How has COVID-19 impacted upon your tutoring? 

Though COVID-19 may have disrupted many lives for the worse, it has in fact positively affected tutoring. Communication with parents for starters is significantly better. Flexible timings for both me and my students was particularly advantageous.  

Students that I tutor really surprise me... [their] level of dedication is exceptional!"

What advice would you give to students considering taking part in tutoring/mentoring programmes? 

I would say grab the opportunity with both your hands. You will have a positive long-term impact on someone's life and develop skills for yourself that will last throughout your working life. 

Why are such tutoring programmes needed? 

These tutoring programs are necessary because it is important to consider helping students from lesser socio-economic backgrounds who need this support. Every person deserves an equal opportunity to receive the best education. 

Tell us something funny, unexpected or really special that has happened during your tutoring sessions?  

Students that I tutor really surprise me. We start to cover a topic in a session and then by the time we meet up again they seem to have mastered the topic - their level of dedication is exceptional!  

UCL Engineering student tutors are featured on page 6 of the UCL East Engagement Report 2019/20.

With thanks to Dr Elpida Makrygianni and Garance Mourgaud. 



  • Credit: Hemil Shah. 

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