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Engineers of Change | Festival of Engineering

20 July 2024, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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Discover how UCL Engineers are changing the world through quick fire presentations designed to open your eyes to the future of engineering.

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UCL Engineering


Logan Hall
20 Bedford Way

Hear from the next generation of engineers and discover how they are changing the world of vaccine delivery, medical imaging, food manufacture, sustainable fuels, cyber security and agriculture. Join them as they deliver the stories of their innovations in quick fire presentations designed to open your eyes to the future of engineering, across the fascinating range of topics below.

  • Ferdinando Sereno (Biochemical Engineering): "No more wasted vaccine doses"
  • Alissa Parmenter (Mechanical Engineering): "Uncovering the spine to investigate back pain"
  • Farhaneen Mazlan (Biochemical Engineering): "Manufacturing Future Food"
  • Emma Hailwood (Mechanical Engineering): "Impact of Future Fuels on Lung Health"
  • Enrico Sangoi (Chemical Engineering): “Uptake of pesticides through the leaves”
  • Paul Hellier (Mechanical Engineering): "Engineering out the carbon from fuels"
  • Qasim Rafiq (Biochemical Engineering): "Precision Medicines: Personalising the Fight Against Cancer" 

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This event is part of the UCL Festival of Engineering Event a week-long festival showcasing how engineers are continuing to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing humanity.


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