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ONLINE | Communication & Conflict Resolution for Chinese Students Workshop 工程科学系中国新生活动

29 September 2021, 11:00 am–12:30 pm

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Prepare for your international study. The China Induction workshop series is offered online for incoming UCL Engineering undergraduates from China. Part of the UCL Engineering Welcome Festival 2021.

This event is free.

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William Li

China Induction for 1st Year Engineering Students

An idea that developed out of students’ own experiences
The China Induction programme aims to improve Chinese students’ cultural competence and cross-cultural awareness by facilitating virtual exchanges among participants. The induction is a collaborative effort among current Chinese students and the UCL Engineering IEP Team.

“Communication, creativity, and teamwork are skills supported by all UCL Engineering programmes and will be helpful for student experience. When our Chinese students feel comfortable asking questions, chatting, and building a relationship with others, it means they are becoming better engineers.”
--- Dr Kate Roach, IEP Senior Teaching Fellow

To share our experience as Chinese students

The programme also introduces cultural skills that are immediately applicable to activities on and off-campus. The programme appeals to Chinese students in Engineering and prepares them to:

  • Promote cultural awareness in personal and professional settings;
  • Implement strategies for working effectively across cultural differences;
  • Identify their own cultural preferences and have the tools to understand the preferences of others.

The virtual programme consists of three 90-minute live Zoom facilitated discussions with a post-event support component. Participants are enrolled in UCL Moodle for shared content and collaboration.

Session 1: Communication & Conflict Resolution for Chinese Students Workshop 工程科学系中国新生活动

Session 1 emphasizes effective communication. Basic communication techniques are often taken for granted, but these so-called soft skills turn out to be the crucial foundation for success in any environment. The session explores communicating in small groups, getting the most out of common tools like email and texting. Other topics covered in Session 1 may include handling conflict and miscommunication.

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