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Spring into STEM | Designing clean and efficient sustainable future fuels | Virtual Lecture Series

21 May 2021, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

A man examines a jar of green algae

Where will future renewable fuels be sourced from and what will they look like?

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Rosie Curtis


United Kingdom

Where will future renewable fuels be sourced from and what will they look like? Can fuels from waste coffee or genetically engineered micro-algae replace fossil fuels in difficult-to-decarbonise transport sectors and help provide cleaner air? Find out how design of fuels at the molecular level is helping to answer these questions and more.

This talk is part of Spring into STEM, a series of online lectures exploring hot topics across science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The talks are a chance to find out more about the world-changing research taking place in the UCL MechEng department and across the Faculty of Engineering. You’ll hear from academics at the cutting edge of research, and have the chance to ask questions in a lively Q&A.

Presented by: Dr Paul Hellier

About the Speaker

Paul Hellier

Lecturer in Engines and Fuels, EPSRC Research Fellow, Associate Professor at UCL Mech Eng

Dr Paul Hellier is an engineer of future fuels and sustainable energy concepts. Paul explores the potential for cleaner burning alternative fuels in the context of both fuel end use (combustion for the release of useful energy) and upstream production processes. His research interests include the engineering of liquid and gaseous fuels for reduced exhaust emissions of toxic pollutants, designer fuels from genetically modified micro-organisms, novel IC engine combustion strategies, and the production of renewable fuels from waste biomass. His work includes collaborations with researchers from a range of disciplines and international institutions, and is supported by industry partners, UCL Grand Challenges and Public Engagement, the EPSRC and Innovate UK. He has published around 20 original research and invited review articles in leading fuels and combustion, and multidisciplinary, journals.

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