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UCL International Development Hub

The UCL International Development Hub (ID Hub) brings together academics, students, NGOs, charities and engineering firms with the aim of better understanding and solving real-world challenges.


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What is the UCL International Development Hub? 

  • A platform and support network for like-minded individuals to inspire, educate and collaborate. 
  • Known as the UCL ID Hub, we are a centralised space facilitating the discussion of international development-related ideas and goals. 
  • Our members participate in international development-related activities, and receive support from our team.


Students who engage with us have access to a range of international development activities, including opportunities to work overseas and here in the UK. Participants also benefit from increased exposure to multidisciplinary working, as well as careers support and resources. Through these activities, the UCL ID Hub hopes to facilitate professional and personal development and learning experiences, which increase the knowledge and skills required for solving real-world problems.  

Current UCL students can vist the UCL ID Hub's Moodle page to find out more (single sign-on required), and are also encouraged to connect via social media: 

Students and professionals wanting to further enhance their educational expertise in this discipline can apply for the postgraduate taught course Engineering for International Development MSc

Industry and Academia

The UCL ID Hub also maintains and supports a network of experienced professionals, including engineers, anthropologists and policy-makers. Whether offering to check construction drawings, review a project budget or share their field experience, the technical expertise and impartial advice available can prove invaluable.  

Through our pool of academic associates and skilled students we provide opportunities for knowledge or skills exchange with industry. We are also able to draw attention to recruitment opportunities and encourage collaboration in the education experience, to help raise awareness of key issues in the sector.  

If you are an industry professional or academic who would like to work with the UCL ID Hub, please do contact us. 

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Previous projects that have been facilitated by the UCL ID Hub have included the following. Please note, links below may lead to external websites.  

UNICEF: WASH Summer School

Providing students with an insight into the UNICEF Water and Sanitation Hygiene Programme in Ethiopia. This summer school gave UCL students the opportunity to spend time with UNICEF and affiliated officials, learn about the programme and the context in which it operates, plus participate in a fieldwork exercise.  


Engineers in Action: Bridge Construction

Through US based NGO Engineers in Action, teams of UCL students have worked alongside participants from Duke University and local community members to build an 83-metre footbridge in Bolivia. With mobility and transportation access impacting the quality of life for those in more rural areas of the world, this type of project saw a direct impact on those most affected.


Royal Academy of Engineering: Engineering A Better World 

Working with the Royal Academy of Engineering, UCL Engineering students teamed up alongside entrepreneurs from the ‘Africa Prize’, during four to eight week-long placements in various countries within Africa, to support and co-learn from engineering-based businesses in underdeveloped communities.  


Industry partnerships 

We are proud to collaborate with the following organisations: 


Dr Michael Woodrow

Michael is the UCL ID Hub Director, and currently also Engineering for International Development MSc programme director, and Lecturer in Engineering Education, in UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering.  

Michael has a background in civil and environmental engineering, fire engineering and integrated design. He joined UCL in 2019 after seven years at Foster+Partners architectural practice.  

View Dr Woodrow's UCL profile. 

Mala Mohindru

The UCL International Development Hub is managed by Mala Mohindru, and is based within UCL Engineering.  

Mala has a background in community/industry engagement and project management. She is the first point of contact for the UCL ID Hub.