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EDI Training

Equality, diversity, and inclusion-related training available to staff at UCL Engineering

Bite-Size EDI is a series of short trainings available to UCL Engineering staff. If you’d like to book a session for your team, contact Johanna Novales. Currently available sessions include:

  • Respecting gender identity at work: a crash course in pronouns and titles - What are gender-neutral pronouns? What does cisgender mean? How do you pronounce ‘Mx’? And why does it matter at work? This session will talk about ways we can all be mindful of our colleagues, students, and visitors to UCL by taking a look at inclusive practice for using pronouns and titles in the workplace.
  • A Thousand Paper Cuts: Microaggressions at Work - What are microaggressions? What’s the big deal about them? Many of us have been both a target of microaggressions and a perpetrator. This session will take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes of these seemingly minor, momentary comments: what they mean, why they happen, and what we can do about them.
  • Asking about EDI in Recruitment Panels - Because we strive to make EDI part of the UCL Ways of Working, it’s natural that it should be discussed in recruitment panels. What are we really asking about when we query candidates on their involvement with, or thoughts on, EDI initiatives? What are useful questions to ask? What kinds of answers are we looking for? This briefing will help you think about how to best use EDI-related questions when your team is recruiting.
  • Building EDI into appraisal objectives - Appraisal objectives are one tool to think creatively and concretely about how to weave EDI into our work. EDI-related objectives can also provide good developmental opportunities, especially for staff who might be seeking ways to get involved with EDI but are uncertain about how, or where, to begin. What kinds of objectives might be useful? And how do we make them relevant and achievable? This session will discuss ways to bring an EDI focus into your appraisals – as appraiser or appraisee – and why you should.


Future sessions will cover topics such as: handling critique and doing better; and fatphobia and weight bias. Is there a topic you’d really like to see a session on? Let us know.

UCL offers a number of EDI-related trainings and mental health and wellbeing trainings centrally as well.