TIAM-UCL Publications

Journal papers

Anandarajah G., McDowall W. and Ekins, P. (2012) Decarbonising road transport with hydrogen and electricity: Long term global technology learning scenarios. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, in press.

Kesicki F. and Anandarajah G. (2011) The role of energy-service demand reduction in global climate change mitigation: Combining energy modelling and Decomposition Analysis, Energy Policy Volume 39, Issue 11, November 2011, Pages 7224-7233.


Anandarajah G. (2012) India's GHG emission pathways to 2050. Avoid project report.

Anandarajah G. and McGlade C. (2012) Modelling carbon price impacts of global energy scenarios. Report submitted to Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

Anandarajah G and Usher W. (2011) Developing Long-term carbon values using TIAM-UCL. Report submitted to Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), UK.

Conference papers

Anandarajah G. (2013) Modelling Endogenous Technology Learning in TIAM-UCL Global Energy System Model: A multi-cluster approach. Optimization in Energy Day, ICMS workshop, 5th March 2013, Edinburgh.

Anandarajah G. and McGlade C. M. (2012) Energy economic and environmental implications of unconventional gas: A long term perspective. IEW2012, Cape Town, South Africa, June 19-21.

Anandarajah G., McDowall W. and Ekins P. (2012) Economics of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles: a long-term global perspective. World Hydrogen Energy Conference, June 4-7, Toronto (poster).

Anandarajah G., McDowall W. and Ekins P. (2011) Implications of global technology learning in hydrogen: a long-term perspective. 4th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2011, Glasgow, UK.

Anandarajah G. (2011) Applications of multi-cluster endogenous technology learning in TIAM-UCL. ETSAP semi-annual workshop-Greece 7-9 November 2011.

Anandarajah G. (2011) Economics of hydrogen: Applying global technology learning in TIAM-UCL. ETSAP workshop, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California (US), July 2011.

Usher W., Anandarajah G. and Strachan N. (2010) The TIAM-UCL Global Energy Systems Model: Critical Comparison of UK and Global Decarbonisation Trajectories. 8th BIEE Academic Conference, 22-23 September 2010.

Anandarajah G., and Kesicki F. (2010). Global Climate Change Mitigation: What is the role of demand reduction? International Association for Energy Economics Europe conference, Vilnius, Lithuania. 25-28 August 2010.

Pye S., Strachan N., Anandarajah G., Usher W., 2010. The UK energy system in an uncertain world: Insights from different modelling scales, International Energy Workshop 2010, Stockholm, Sweden. 21-23 June 2010.

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