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Improving Collaboration

How can we improve South-North collaboration in energy and development research?

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Energy and development are intrinsically multi-faceted challenges. There is clear evidence that inclusive, interdisciplinary research is needed in order to deliver a just transition, and to avoid unintended negative consequences of well-meaning efforts.  While much research is collaborative between research institutions in the global North and the global South, and many involve a space for reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of the projects, there is a missing dimension to these discussions:  An open conversation is needed on how we can better achieve more even collaborations in a situation where there is uneven funding and access to resources, and differing research priorities.

To facilitate this conversation, the UCL Energy and Development Group have secured support from the UCL Grand Challenges Fund to begin a conversation to examine experiences of South-North collaborations in energy and development research, including when it works best and how it can be improved.

Follow this link to a map to see the views which have been collected so far and to share your experiences.

We will be holding an online workshop to discuss the results in more detail.  The workshop will be run twice to accommodate different timezones, sign up using the links below:

Thursday 28th April 17.30 BST

Friday 29th April 10.30 BST