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Telles Scholarship

We are now accepting applications for the Telles Scholarship. In collaboration with the Telles Foundation, UCL is pleased to offer a scholarship that removes financial barriers for talented Brazilian students to access a world-class education at UCL's Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE).

Supporting the technology leaders of the future

A supportive fellowship


You'll be provided with funding to cover the costs of completing your degree and help you fully engage with your studies. The scholarship consists of the following funding:

  • Full tuition fees for the UPC and BEng*
  • Living costs, £20,000 per year
  • Travel costs, £1,500 per year
  • Equipment costs, £1,500 in your first year
  • Visa and NHS surcharge costs

Dedicated pastoral support

You'll be supported throughout your studies by a dedicated Telles Scholars Tutor - an academic from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

They will meet with you as a group every term to discuss progress, troubleshoot problems and offer guidance.


1-year Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate (UPC) - starting September 2023

Designed specifically to prepare international students for a UCL undergraduate degree.

This intensive one-year foundation course is taught on our central London campus.

Experienced UCL teachers will support you to develop your academic skills, English and subject knowledge so you can progress to your degree programme.

3-year Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) BEng*

Electronic and electrical engineers invent and create the technology that typifies today's high-tech society, from devices and systems that monitor our health and well-being, to global data networks, driverless cars and renewable energy.

The EEE BEng gives you a broad education in the engineering, mathematics, physics and computer science underpinning these technologies, whilst at the same time giving you the skills needed to put your theoretical understanding into practice.

*To progress from the UPC year to the Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree and maintain scholarship funding, scholars must obtain an award of UPCSE with an overall mark of 70%, with 76% in Maths and 70% in Physics. 

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How to apply

Check whether you're eligible for the Telles Scholarship and the UPC and find out how to apply, with application guidance and frequently asked questions.

Find out how to apply

Supporting you to become a technology leader of tomorrow

Studying electronic and electrical engineering will give you the technical and problem-solving skills to work on systems and devices that are not only crucial to everyday life but will also be key to building an inclusive and sustainable global society.

Here at UCL’s Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering we work with longstanding industry partners and our supportive alumni to ensure your education is well grounded and connected to the real world. We are committed to developing you as one of our students to support our discipline and hence the world.

Professor Sarah Spurgeon, OBE, FREng, Head of Dept. UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering

A hands-on approach to engineering education

You will have access to exceptional teaching within the UK’s number-one Electrical Engineering university research environment.

Our Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng (EEE BEng) undergraduate programme will give you the scientific and mathematical tools you need to understand and model the technological world. Your studies will emphasise putting theory into practice, designing, creating and implementing your own ideas and applications, developing skills that are highly sought-after by employers.

In your second and third year of the EEE BEng you will select a 'minor' offered by departments across the Engineering faculty, choosing from topics such as Biomedical Engineering, Crime and Security Engineering, Intelligent Systems (Robotics and AI), and even Management or Entrepreneurship.

Scholars wishing to undertake an Integrated Masters in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, MEng, will be considered on a case-by-case basis on the completion of the second year of the EEE BEng.

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Setting you up for success

Telles Scholars will take their first steps at UCL on the UPC Foundation Year. This one-year course will accelerate you to achieve the required qualifications, academic grounding and learning capacity to undertake your degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

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Find out more about the UPC

The Telles Foundation

The UCL Telles Scholarship is funded through a gift from the Telles Foundation - an international charity that provides transformational opportunities to low-income people in Brazil by improving their access to education.

At Telles, we believe that every young person deserves an opportunity to fulfil their potential. To make that happen, we work with experts in their field who share our commitment to this simple idea and the hugely significant and sustainable impact it can have.

Find out more about the Telles Foundation at their website and by following them on LinkedIn.

Wider UCL

UCL and London provide a diverse, dynamic and exciting backdrop to your degree. You can engage with the many societies at UCL or take part in the entrepreneurship programmes which UCL offers to support you as a student. There is an active and welcoming global community at UCL to ensure you feel welcome to participate in your new academic home.

The Telles Scholarship has been designed to provide you with the funds to comfortably live in London, a truly global city, while dedicating time to your study and the extra-curricular activities which are provided by the wider UCL community.