UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Dr Nial Peters

Dr Nial Peters

Research Fellow

Dept of Electronic & Electrical Eng

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
21st Oct 2019


Dr. Nial Peters graduated from Cambridge University in 2007 with a BA/MSci in Natural Sciences (Physics). He went on to obtain an MSc.in Space and Plasma Physics at The University Centre in Svalbard(UNIS) awarded by Oslo University (UiO) in 2009. He returned to Cambridge University in 2010 to undertake a PhD in Volcanology,focusing on instrumentation development and data processing methodologies for monitoring Erebus volcano, Antarctica. After completing his PhD in 2014, he undertook a post-doctoral research project split between Cambridge University and University College London (UCL) to design, build and deploy an FMCW radar system for volcanic monitoring. He is currently a full-time Research Fellow at UCL where he works on a range of radar-related projects including target classification using micro-Doppler, spectrum-survey for IoT devices and multi-role RF systems based on Xilinx RFSoC hardware.