UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Dr Sanjeev Kumar

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Dept of Electronic & Electrical Eng

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
14th Jun 2010

Research summary

Our current research activities involve investigating electron transport in low-dimensional semiconductors nanostructures  based on GaAs at ultra-low temperatures and high magnetic field. 

We investigate quantum many-body effects in condensed matter systems for discovering new fundamental quantum physics and harnessing them for future quantum technologies. 

Some of the major, current activities:  
1. Engineering electron wavefunction in low-dimensions (1D) for spintronics applications

2. Self-organised charge fractionlisation of electrons in the 1D-2D regime
3. Wigner Crystallisation of electrons in low-dimensions 
4. Spin-orbit interactions

Other research interests:
1. Light matter interactions  
2. Self assembly of molecules 
3. Quantum transport through single molecules and self-assembled nano structures (nanoparticles, nanowires, nanotubes, etc.)  

Teaching summary

Research projects for MSc, MSci, MEng, and final year BEng and MEng students are currently available.

Supervision of 1) BEng/MEng, 2) MSc Nanotechnology, 3) MSc Physics, 4) MSc Quantum Technologies Research projects. 


University of Delhi
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 2006


PhD positions available 

Home (UK/EU) students: If you are interested in doing a PhD in one of the areas mentioned on this page and have a first class or higher second class BSc/MSc/BEng degree,  please contact as soon as possible with your detailed CV and an expression of interest. 

International Students: Self funded students and those with international scholarship are encouraged to contact to discuss the possibility. Please send your detailed CV with an expression of interest.