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ONG members co-author new paper on abstracted optical networks

2 June 2021

Polina Bayvel and Lidia Galdino contribute to new research, published in Scientific Reports, that demonstrates how optical networks could be intelligently managed in the future.

figure 1 from journal paper

A team of researchers, including Polina Bayvel and Lidia Galdino from the Optical Networks Group, have developed a novel approach to measure network performance to allow capacity to be delivered where and when it is needed. By abstracting, or simplifying, the physical infrastructure of a network, the team provide an easier interpretation of how the network performs, potentially transforming how optical networks are controlled and managed in the future. 

The work was led by TRANSNET Programme members Dr David Ives and Professor Seb Savory from the University of Cambridge. Find out more about the research in this news item on the TRANSNET website. 


Distributed abstraction and verification of an installed optical fibre network
D. J. Ives, S. Yan, L. Galdino, R. Wang, D. J. Elson, Y. Wakayama, F. J. Vaquero-Caballero, G. Saavedra, D. Lavery, R. Nejabati, P. Bayvel, D. Simeonidou and S. J. Savory