UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Another successful EAB for TRANSNET

15 July 2021

The entire TRANSNET team, spanning UCL, Aston University and the University of Cambridge, met with the programme's External Advisory Board (EAB) to share and discuss project deliverables to date.

attendee online meeting set-up

The meeting took place online for the second consecutive year because of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. The image above shows the at-home set-up of one of the attendees, Egor Sedov from Aston University, complete with post-meeting refreshment and snacks. 

The 2021 EAB was a resounding success with the board unanimously congratulating the team on "another very impressive year of delivery" which they said was "extraordinary" under the circumstances (the impact of Covid-19). They gave a "very clear thumbs up" across all project outputs (publications, engagement, further funding, collaborations, etc., which are increasing year on year) and were particularly impressed with our commitment to staff development which they recognised as especially important considering the government’s recent Telecoms Diversification Taskforce report. 

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