UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab


UCL Centre for Correlative X-ray Microscopy

The EIL hosts a world leading suite of X-ray CT instruments, which produce high quality 3D images at different scales. X-ray CT is uniquely non-destructive across a range of length scales, with resolution ranging from 10s nm to 10s mm, and sample sizes from 10s micron to 10s cm. Because of its non-destructive nature, it is possible to probe materials at various stages in their life cycle in response to a variety of processing or environmental conditions. So-called '4-D' tomography (three dimensions in space, and one in time) enables characterisation of microstructure evolution processes. In turn, this facilitates an understanding of the influence of microscopic structural changes on material degradation.


Following ca. £4M investment in capital equipment, we have established a world-leading centre for X-ray imaging at UCL.

Nikon XTH 225


High energy micro-CT

Zeiss Xradia Versa 520


High resolution micro-CT


Highest resolution nano-CT



SEM coupled with EDS

The combination of this suite of tools provides the opportunity for non-destructive characterisation across many length scales and is also supported by a suite of materials characterisation equipment including optical, electron and ion-beam microscopy.

We have also established facilities for rapid throughput data reconstruction, visualisation and analysis, including advanced geometrical characterisation and mesh-generation from image data sets, enabling 'image based' continuum modelling.