UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab


Tescan UniTOM HR

The TESCAN UniTOM HR gives sub-micron spatial resolution and high temporal resolution dynamic CT in a single, extremely adaptable system.

Benefits include:

Investigate the Smallest of Features with Spatial Resolution Down to 600 nm
Precision stages, high-quality detectors and a cutting-edge nano-focus X-Ray source work in conjunction to produce images with a sub-micron resolution.

Perform True 4D Imaging with Dynamic CT
Synchrotron-like capabilities are brought to the lab through high temporal resolution, continuous and uninterrupted scanning and specific 4D software tools.

Implement 3D In Situ Experiments
In situ investigations can be conducted without interruption, thanks to continuous sample rotation and scanning. The experiment setup is made easier using dedicated “no-cable-wrap” interfaces.

Accommodate a Broad Range of Samples
UniTOM HR has a high-power source (50W), multiple detector options (up to three) and a heavy load stage (45 kg) that can handle samples up to 500 mm diameter × 700 mm high.

Maximize System Utilization and Throughput
A fast frame rate detector and a high flux X-Ray source integrate for high temporal resolution tomography offering the ability to scan more samples and accommodate more users.