UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab


Nivedita Kulkarni

Nive is originally from Pune, India. After finishing undergrad in Production Engineering from Pune university, and few years industry experience she decided to move to UK for her research masters in Advance Mechanical Engineering from The University of Sheffield.

Since 2012, she has been working as an Analysis Engineer for fuel cell and associated systems with Intelligent Energy, a leading PEM Fuel Cell company based in Loughborough, UK.

In 2014, she was awarded a Deans Prize to further her studies in CFD modelling of PEM fuel Cells and have started her PhD under supervision of Dr. Dan Brett.

Research Summary
Title: Computational modelling of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell stack

Her research aims for development of a real time multiphase computational model that enables the investigation into the different processes associated with PEMFC operation and optimisation of  PEMFC technology focusing on parameters such as heat transfer, Current Density, Temperature and water balance.  

Intelligent Energy has supported her work and provided with full support throughout the PhD research with air breathing fuel cells and continuous industrial support.