UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab

Dr Josh Bailey

Dr Josh Bailey

Research Associate

Dept of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
1st Nov 2015

Research summary

My PhD focus was the implementation of lab-based X-ray computed tomography in the investigation of microstructural evolution in solid oxide fuel cell anodes. The primary goal was to explore the necessary sample preparation procedures required to achieve adequate contrast in traditional high-temperature materials (porous nickel and yttria-stabilised zirconia) to examine microstructural degradation in this key device. 

During my doctoral studies, I also spent time performing focused-ion beam/scanning electron microscopy slice-and-view tomography of similar materials and examining the extent of nickel agglomeration in pristine and aged samples. Alongside this, I also explored the use of synchrotron radiation in 4D (3 spatial dimensions + time) tomography in the investigation of early-stage electrode evolution. 

As a post-doctoral research associate working on an EPSRC grant (EP/P009050/1 - Elucidation of membrane interface chemistry for electro-chemical processes), my research interests have broadened to include 'low-temperature' polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (and their relatively high-temperature variants using phosphoric acid-based electrolytes) as well as dual-phase membranes for CO2 separation. Other areas of study include: refractory ceramics as thermal energy storage materials; purification filters for bioapplications; solid state electrolytes for solid-state batteries; carbon nanofibres for use in supercapacitors. Other projects include further investigations on Ni catalysis as well as utilising diffraction techniques to investigate yttria-stabilised zirconia as an electrolyte in solid oxide fuel cells. 

In my work, I leverage a whole host of characterisation techniques, including:
Electron Microscopy: SEM, (S)TEM, EDX, FIB-SEM
X-rays: Lab-based X-ray nano-CT, Lab-based X-ray micro-CT, Lab-based diffraction (XRD), synchrotron X-ray CT, synchrotron diffraction (Bragg CDI), 
Optical techniques: Interferometry
Surface Profiling: Profilometry, AFM
Manufacturing: 3D Printing, CNC routing, Ultra-sonic spraying, Laser micro-machining


2007-2011 – Oxford, UK – Master’s in Chemistry - MChem (Oxon.) – First Class Honours
2011-2013 – Valencia, Spain – Teaching English
2013-2014 – Belfast, UK – Teaching Physical Sciences and Mathematics 
2014-2018 – UCL & Imperial College – Doctoral Studentship as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in the Advanced Characterisation of Materials (CDT-ACM). PhD in Chemical Engineering entitled: “Monitoring the microstructural evolution of solid oxide fuel cell anodes”
2018-Present – UCL – Post-Doctoral Research Associate as part of the EPSRC Grant: “Elucidation of Membrane Interface Chemistry for Electro-chemical processes”