UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab

Dr Alessia Matruglio

Dr Alessia Matruglio

Research Fellow

Dept of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
6th Jan 2020

Research summary

I am an Industrial Nanotechnology Engineer with experience in R&D in the field of novel materials and devices for high technology applications. In particular, I focused my research on the design and fabrication of graphene-based biomedical devices and graphene-based solutions for liquid biopsy and chemical processes in situ and operando.

My research makes large use of micro- and nanofabrication processes in clean room environments and synchrotron radiation techniques for material science characterization.


After my PhD in Nanotechnology at University of Trieste (Italy) on graphene for chemistry and biology applications, I moved to the European consortium CERIC-ERIC in the Italian Synchrotron Elettra for a three-years post-doc experience. Actually, I am Research Fellow at the UCL in the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Electrochemical Innovation Laboratory group. I am involved in the UK Faraday Institution's project "CATMAT-Targeting a near-term improvement in lithium ion battery lifespan and EV range" about the characterization of novel materials for the next-generation cathodes of lithium-ion batteries for electrical vehicles.