UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab


Daniela Ledwoch

Born and raised in Germany, Daniela holds a diploma in physics from the Carl-von-Ossietzky University in Oldenburg (Lower Saxony, Germany). She is working in the research area of energy storage for almost ten years since she started her diploma thesis on electrode characterisation and aging of commercial lithium-ion cathodes. Her studies were done at the independent research centre NEXT ENERGY (Oldenburg, Germany), where she continued working as a research scientist deepening her knowledge and gaining experience in supervision of students, project work and as a head of two laboratories after her degree. Daniela moved to the UK in 2014 to start working on anodes for sodium-ion batteries at Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd in Oxford.
In 2015 Daniela was awarded the Industrial Fellowship of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 (ERAF Industrial Fellow 2015) enabling her to earn her Ph.D. during her employment as a research scientist in the industry. She started her Ph.D. studies in cooperation with Sharp and the Electrochemical Innovation Lab (supervisors Prof. Daniel Brett, Prof. Paul Shearing) in October 2015 before changing jobs and transferring her project to Johnson Matthey PLC in May 2018.

Research Summary
Her Ph. D. project aims to close the gap between research and industrial application. By identifying and understanding the chemical and physical processes within composite electrodes, the influence of manufacturing and operating conditions on final performance characteristics will be determined. Fundamental research to understand these inner processes will be undertaken by combining electrochemical and physical characterisation on different stages of electrode optimisation comprising the investigation of diffusion coefficients, porosities, and morphological changes. The divided knowledge of fundamental studies and empirical process optimisation will lead to new approaches in the design and engineering of electrodes. Furthermore, linking physical and chemical characteristics to fundamental scientific processes within materials and electrodes and also considering the influence of manufacturing will change the method of electrode development and will reduce processing costs simultaneously.

Conferences Attended
UK – Korea Symposium on Lithium and Sodium Batteries, London (UK) (poster, 2016)
Early Career Researcher Conference, Abingdon (UK) (talk, 2016)
229th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, San Diego (US) (poster, 2016)
230th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Honolulu (US) (poster, 2016)
Royal Society of Chemistry, London (UK) (poster/flash presentation, 2016)
Alumni Science Evening of the Royal Commission of the Exhibition of 1851, London (UK) (invited talk, 2018)
International Battery Association, Jeju (Korea) (poster, 2018)
MRS spring meeting, Phoenix (US) (invited talk, 2018)
International Meeting on Lithium Batteries, Kyoto (Japan) (poster, 2018)
Johnson Matthey Academic Conference, Warwick (talk, 2019) – prize for best final year Ph.D. talk

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Composite electrode including microporous ionically conducting material, composite
slurry, and methods of manufacturing same - application
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