This handbook has been compiled for the purpose of providing a handy reference book for students studying BSc Economics (L100) and the combined-studies degrees in Economics and Geography (LL17), Economics and Statistics (LG13) and Philosophy & Economics (VL51).

This booklet aims to:

  • outline the degree programme structures for the specialist degree in Economics and the combined-studies degrees with Geography, Statistical Science and Philosophy;
  • explain the procedures regarding Registration in the Department;
  • explain the way the Department operates, specifically with regard to the Tutorial Class system, including attendance and coursework requirements;
  • provide you with a reference booklet that should help to answer some of the more common queries that you may have during the year;
  • provide information on examinations, progression and degree classification;
  • provide information about the Registry and other services within College that are available to students.

You should familiarise yourself with the contents of this booklet, specifically those
regarding Registration.  Chapters further on in the booklet you may need solely for reference.

Handbook for 2016/17