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UCL has a long and proud history of diversity and inclusivity, and we share this commitment to social mobility and access to Higher Education. We are also proud of the high quality, award-winning economics education that we provide, and are keen to share our enthusiasm about economics, a field that applies to the everyday world around us and will prepare you for a diverse range of career options.

If you're interested in economics (or social science more broadly), a parent or a teacher, click on the links above to find out more about our exciting programmes. If you would like to know more or to participate, please contact us at: economics.reception@ucl.ac.uk



GCSE Students - Economics Challenge

Learn about the study of Economics through a multimedia project, rooted in our introductory economics module. You'll study of the world around us through an economics lens and answer today's pressing questions:

  • Why have many developed countries become more unequal over the past 30 years?
  • What's the effect of globalisation on local communities?
  • Is austerity the best strategy for a government to follow in times of recession?
  • Are carbon permits the best way to tackle climate change?

Our award-winning First Year Challenge (FYC) competition also forms a core part of the Economics Challenge. We ask students to be creative, reserch-driven and true to themselves in their submissions. 



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UCL Economics Summer School Online 

Aimed at giving you a taste of first year undergraduate economics and this course will introduce you to way in which economists think and therefore answers questions ranging from climate change and Brexit, to which way a goalkeeper should go in a penalty shootout and whether universities should charge fees. You will also have the chance to work in groups and answer an economic question of your interest and in the process, learn about free online resources which will help you in other subjects like Maths, History and Geography as well. Previously the Economics Summer Challenge

Economics Walk


Economist Historical Walks - currently taking place virtually

Learning history of economics from London’s streets.

Our very own, Dr. Ramin Nassehi leads a bespoke “Economics Walk” around Bloomsbury, London. As the oldest Economics department in England, you'll learn the the history of key economic figures who spent time in the area and how they are linked to present day events.

If you can't make one of these walks, you may wish to check out our information about Famous London Economists.

Find out more about attending a virtual Economics Walk

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Ask the Expert! 

Whether you’re deciding what to study for your GCSEs, thinking about applying for university, or just curious about a subject, we are here to answer your questions. Designed for KS2-5 pupils.



One-off programmes


A Level Students - Exploring Economics Day

The Exploring Economics day is organised by the Centre for Teaching and Learning in Economics (CTaLE) at UCL, and is part of the Royal Economics Society Discover Economics  programme, provides an opportunity for up to twenty Year 12 state school students to be inspired to delve deeper into the broad world of economics.



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Economics Masterclass: How Do Economists Measure Discrimination and Why Does It Matter?

Run in February 2021 and attended by 164 students, this Masterclass examined a very topical issue that economists work on – discrimination based on ethnicity and gender and what this means for wages, employment and education access and outcomes. In particular, we will discuss how the tools of economics can help us to detect and measure discrimination, and how this helps to design policy to eradicate the worst effects of discrimination.