UCL Department of Economics


History of Economic Thought - ECON0008

ECON0008 > undergraduate module > 2020/21.


This module provides students with an exciting opportunity to participate in the revival of interest in the history of economic thought which is now occurring in response to the current financial and economic crisis.

  • The module will accordingly relate the study of economic ideas of the past with current debates and discussions on the unfolding events of the present.
  • The module will show how reassessing the ideas of the past provides a unique opportunity to think ‘outside the box’ and address economic issues which had become unfamiliar within economic theory as it has existed in recent times.
  • The module will show how the history of economic thought not only provides the best possible introduction to the study of economics, but is also a fundamental aspect of the formulation of economic ideas which can adequately address the issues of the present.
  • The module will acquaint students with carefully chosen selections from some classic texts of economic thought which they will be able to cite throughout their student career and beyond.
  • The module will have strong career relevance, in providing students with the ability to engage in informed discussion with specialists and non-specialists alike on issues currently reviving widespread attention in the media and public debate generally.

Suitable for

1st year students in Economics and related subjects.

Also open to students in other departments.


No previous knowledge of economics is necessary.


Methods of assessment are as detailed in the UCL Module Catalogue. Affiliate students joining the department for Term 1 only should contact economics.affiliates@ucl.ac.uk for further information.