UCL Department of Economics


Visiting PhD students guidelines

Guidelines for PhD students who would like to visit UCL for a short period of research (one term or less)

We're keen to host PhD students from other universities to undertake a short period of research (less than 3 months) at UCL. We're not able to accept all students who make an application to visit the Department, but we are keen to welcome visiting doctoral researchers whenever possible.

If you're interested in applying to UCL as a visiting student you should provide the following details to the Department by way of application:

  • Proposed dates of visit
  • Reason for visit
  • UCL faculty member who would supervise your visit and details of any prior contact with this academic
  • Whether a desk space at UCL or IFS is preferred
  • If any funding is required
  • Letter of recommendation from their main advisor and a CV

Due to space constraints it is not possible to extend short term visits.

    These materials should be submitted to the PhD administrator, Daniella Harper, by the following deadlines:

    Proposed Term of VisitSubmission Deadline
    First Term (October 1st – December 31st)June 30th
    Second Term (January 1st – March 31st) October 30th
    Third Term (April 1st – June 30th) January 31st
    Summer Term (July 1st-September 31st)April 31st

    Our Graduate Tutor, Prof. Ian Preston, is responsible for decisions concerning the Department’s visiting research students. Applicants will be notified shortly after the relevant submission deadline if they have been accepted as a visiting research student. 

    All students applying to visit UCL for one term under the ENTER exchange programme should also follow the above instructions.

    Instructions for PhD students who would like to visit UCL for an extended period of research (one term or more)

    We're keen to host PhD students from other universities who would like to visit UCL for an extended period of research (3-12 months). Doctoral students studying at an external institution who wish to study with the Department for between 3-12 months should apply through the UCL Admissions Office. Prospective visiting students should comply with UCL's visiting research students regulations and complete our visiting research student application process.

    For more information regarding how to apply you should visit the how to apply as an independent visiting research student webpage.

    When you apply, you must ensure you indicate the following on page 1 of the application form:

    • The proposed start and end dates of your visit
    • The name of the academic in the Department whom you would like to supervise your research. A list of the Department’s academic staff and their research interests can be found on our staff pages

    Please also email the PhD administrator, Daniella Harper, when you have submitted your application. This will enable her to track the progress of your application.

    In preparation for your visit with us, the department is unable to provide access to UK or any other secure data to visitors or visiting students. If you require this service, please contact your home institute, as they will be required to provide such access. The department also recommends that you bring your own laptop with the software you need.