UCL Department of Economics


Ricardo Scholarships

  • A maximum of TWO (2) scholarships known as the Ricardo Scholarships may be awarded in each session.
  • The scholarships are available to prospective, full-time and/or part-time, overseas/EU/UK  MRes/MPhil/PhD students intending to pursue a course of study or research leading to an MRes/MPhil/PhD degree offered by the Department of Economics, at University College London.
  • The criterion for awarding the scholarship is academic excellence and potential.
  • The qualifications of candidates are considered by the MRes/MPhil/PhD Programme Director and the Head of Department, Economics. 
  • The scholarship is awarded by Council on the recommendation of the PhD director and head of Department.
  • The value of each scholarship is £15,863, plus FULL (OVERSEAS OR UK/RATE) TUITION FEE WAIVER.
  • The scholarship is tenable for FOUR YEARS.
  • Payment of the scholarship is made in the form of four termly instalments at the start of each term.  The fee waiver will be implemented by deduction from tuition fees at the start of the academic session.
  • The scholarship may not be held alongside other fee-only awards/ non-fee awards/ any other award–-no matter what the value.
  • All scholarships and awards are subject to the provisions of the UCL General Regulations for Scholarships,  Prizes, Medals and Bursaries.
  • Recipients of this award will be required to undertake Teaching Assistant duties for the duration of the award.
  • All applicants for admission to our MRes programme are automatically considered for departmental funding at the time of application. There is no separate application process.