UCL Department of Economics


CSC Scholarships

1. CSC Partially-Funded Visiting Research Scholarships

UCL offers a number of fee-only scholarships to match CSC-funded one-year Visiting Research Scholarships. This is to encourage research collaborations with top Chinese laboratories for mutually beneficial research projects that may lead to co-funding opportunities from other sources. Further information on this scheme can be found on the UCL CSC webpage.

Please note that students MUST hold an unconditional offer to study at UCL as a research affiliate in order to be eligible for this award. For information on how to apply for admission as Visiting Research Students, please see the Scholarships FAQs on the UCL Prospective Students website.

2. CSC Partially-Funded PhD studentships

CSC offers about 6000 (partially-funded) PhD studentships that cover the stipend and international travel of the candidates ONLY. Most of the enquiries you receive fall into this category. If the candidate is particularly strong, you may want to consider nominating such studentships for UCL's ORS awards.

3. CSC Fully-Funded PhD Studentships

CSC does offer a very limited number of Fully-Funded PhD studentships that cover stipend and overseas fee (to 30,000USD per year) to exceptionally qualified candidates who are accepted by world-leading universities, such as UCL. However, not all the candidates know this option. Candidates can only apply for a partial or fully funded award, not both. Therefore, this also carries a higher risk for the candidates. Colleagues should encourage potential candidates to apply through their individual university in China for such scholarships.