UCL Department of Economics


Club Financiero Español & University College London Scholarships

In partnership and through the generous sponsorship of the Club Financiero Español these scholarships are targeted to support the most outstanding Spanish PhD scholars at University College London. The Scholarships are provided for the whole duration of the PhD programme.

These scholarships are open to PhD scholars, residents of Spain or of Spanish nationality, of intellectual excellence and of irrefutable moral standing. The Scholars are required to be committed to the economic development of Spain and her people.

The Club Financiero Español, City of London is a private, non-for-profit and a non-political association which aims to identify and nurture the future generations of Spanish leaders in economics, business and social sciences. During the studies, the recipient of the scholarship will deliver a 20 minutes presentation of relevance to the economic position of Spain in the World aligned with the mission of the Club. The candidate will deliver the lecture during the Annual General Meeting in the fourth quarter of every year. 

Before applying to the Scholarship, the applicants must have been admitted to UCL’s Department of Economics PhD programme and must submit a completed Application Form. The applicant will make themselves available for a telephone interview or interview in person with no less than 3 of the Trustees.
On graduation, the Scholar will become a permanent Fellow of the Club Financiero Español, City of London. The fellowship carries all the rights and responsibilities attached to it.  Scholarship recipients are expected to return to Spain the support received by the Club and to show the same commitment to future generations of Spanish leaders as the one provided by the Club through this programme. In this way, it is expected for the Club's scholarships to be self-funded and to keep supporting the future generations of Spanish leaders in a distant future.

For further information and to apply please visit Please see the Club Financiero Español website or contact the Club.