UCL Department of Economics


Sophia Latsos

European Central Bank

After completing my BSc Economics, I worked in Japan for one year before pursuing an MSc in Economic History at LSE. Ever since this course I was determined to work as an economist in an international institution. However, I quickly concluded that I would need to enhance my analytical skills further, possibly even pursue a PhD in Economics. Therefore, I chose the MSc Economics at UCL. The program immediately appealed to me due to its extensive and rigorous training in econometrics, with specific courses in Time Series Econometrics and Microeconometrics. Moreover, I was excited about the extended period of time (from mid-June to mid-September) I would be able to allocate to my MSc Dissertation project. This is not the case for every MSc Economics program.

I also enjoyed that I was able to specialize in Macroeconomics while maintaining a broad range of topics ranging from Labor Economics to Monetary Policy.
The MSc at UCL was a fantastic preparation for my present work. Since I am currently a trainee at the Monetary Policy Strategy Division of the European Central Bank, I really need and use the analytical skills I gained during the program on a daily basis. Owing to my education, I also feel more confident and sure of my future endeavors as an economist.