UCL Department of Economics


Kieran Larkin

MPhil Economics, UCL

The UCL MSc in Economics is a challenging and rigorous programme that thoroughly prepared me for the exciting world of academic economics.
The course covered a lot of material particularly in the first semester, from game theory to GMM, providing me with a solid grounding in all of the key concepts. In the second semester, there was the opportunity to focus on the areas that interested me the most, whilst maintaining a balance of technical and practical/policy orientated material.

Having not studied economics during my undergraduate degree, I found the course accessible and, with hard work, achievable. For example, the early maths and statistics course enabled everyone to get to the same starting level. The support from the lecturers, tutors and supervisors was fantastic - whenever I had a question there was always someone available to help me and clear up any points of confusion. 

From a professional standpoint I feel the course provided me with a far more sophisticated understanding of macroeconomic policy and a wealth of useful technical econometrics skills. Most importantly from my own perspective, the MSc equipped me with the knowledge and tools that I needed to begin a PhD in Economics, which I am currently undertaking also at UCL.