UCL Department of Economics


ECON1005 - The World Economy

Term 2


To provide a largely non-technical introduction to the basic concepts and methods used by economists to understand and explain the features of the world economy today.


By the end of the module, students will have an initial understanding of:

  • The principal features of the world economy as it exists today and as it has evolved over time.
  • The ways in which the basic principles of economic analysis have been applied in the fields of economic growth, international trade and international finance.
  • Themes and debates in contemporary discussion of international economic affairs, with particular reference to the impact of emerging economies.

They will have gained experience in:

  • The use of diagrams and tables in the explanation of economic ideas;
  • The use of basic writing skills in the presentation of economic discussion and debate.
Taught by:
Christian Spielmann
Assessment: This is a one-term module comprising of 10 2-hour lectures, and 4 tutorial classes in which two pieces of written work are to be submitted during the course of the module. Assessment is by a two-hour unseen written examination in Term 3.
Suitable for:
Students taking ECON1001 concurrently and Econ/Stats (LG13) students.
Prerequisites: No previous knowledge of economics is necessary.
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