UCL Department of Economics


ECON1002 - Applied Economics

Term 2


  • To provide an introduction to the application of economic theory to data;
  • To develop an understanding of simple and commonly used econometric techniques;
  • To impart an ability to understand and interpret results both statistically and economically.


At the end of the course, students should:

  • Understand the formulation of simple economic models in a way that allows application to empirical data.
  • Understand the statistical theory behind linear regression techniques.
  • Be able to interpret regression output from simple econometric packages and understand the relevance to related economic problem.
Taught by:
Assessment: 10 2-hour lectures, 5 demonstration classes and 5 compulsory tutorial classes with accompanying exercises. 2-hour unseen written examination in Term 3.
Suitable for:
  • Compulsory for 1st year BSc Economics (L100) and 2nd year SCORE / SOREL BSc (GLN0 / GLR0) students.
  • Optional for 1st year BSc Economics and Statistics (LG13) and BA Philosophy and Economics (VL51) students and 2nd year BSc Economics and Geography (LL17) students considering taking ECON 2007.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic statistics taught on introductory modules, such as STAT6202, is assumed. It is also desirable that students should be enrolled for, or have already taken, ECON1001 or equivalent.
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