UCL Department of Economics


How study at UCL Department of Economics is structured

Teaching in Economics is delivered through a mixture of Lectures, Demonstration Lectures and Tutorial Classes.  A significant amount of independent study is also expected, up to 40 hours per week.  Assessment is by exam. 


Written coursework can take the form of exercises, problem sets or essays.  The coursework will be discussed and reviewed during Tutorial Classes.  The amount of coursework required differs between courses and will be set by the tutor. All such work is graded and returned as a guide to your progress.


Final grades are based on examination performance. However completion of coursework is not optional: coursework submission and tutorial class attendance is a prerequisite for sitting the examinations.

Affiliate students attending for the fall term will take departmental examinations in December in the final week of term.

Students attending for the full year or for the Spring and Summer terms will take examinations in April-June.


UCL marks exams according to a percentage scale. Exam percentages will be converted to US grades according to a standard scheme. Both the UCL percentage and the US grade will appear on the transcript which is sent to your home university together with a final report commenting on your coursework performance, participation and attendance in tutorial classes.

Honour Code

Students will be trusted to conduct themselves honorably in examinations and in preparing coursework. Particular attention is drawn to the guidelines on plagiarism.