UCL Department of Economics


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have applied for admission to a department other than Economics. Will I also be able to take courses in the Department of Economics?

A. Usually only modules under the 'Elective Module Portfolio' section of the module list are available to affiliates who have not been admitted to Economics. Students who are interested in level 2 or 3 modules in Economics are advised to apply to the department.

Q. I want to apply as an exchange student.  Is this possible?

A. The department currently has a number of undergraduate exchange agreements with universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina and several countries in Europe under the Erasmus+ scheme. For more information or to check if you are eligible to apply, see the information in the Study Abroad Guide.

Q. I need to take particular modules for credit transfer - can I pre-register for courses?

A. Affiliates who enrol at UCL and wish to take level 2 or 3 modules in the Department of Economics are required upon arrival to meet with the Affiliate Tutor to discuss their academic plan. If your academic advisor or your home institution has provided you with a restricted or pre-approved choice of economics modules for you to take at UCL then you are advised to contact the Affiliate Programme Administrators for more information.

Q. Am I committed to take the Economics courses I have listed on my application?

A. It’s recommended you build in some flexibility to your proposed study plan especially as the timetable may be subject to last minute changes and alterations. For the most up-to-date course information you should consult the departmental module list. You should consult this in preference to the Study Abroad Guide.

Q. I need to get my classes pre-approved at my home university. Where can I see a syllabus?

A. Check the module list or email the Affiliate Programme Administrators for more information.

Q. I am not majoring in economics back home.  Can I still apply?

A. Applications from non-econ majors can be considered provided applicants have the relevant economics background.