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International Association for Applied Econometrics recognises UCL Economics PhD Students

27 June 2022

Hugo Freeman and Riccardo D'Adamo were both awarded prizes at the annual conference.

Hugo Freeman and Riccardo D'Adamo

At the 2022 IAAE Annual Conference om 21-24 June UCL Economics PhD Student, Hugo Freeman was awarded the Best PhD Student Paper Award and a prize of $500 for his piece, “Multidimensional interactive fixed effects.”

Riccardo D’Adamo, also a UCL PhD student was recognised with the Honourable Mention Award for his paper “Policy Learning Under Ambiguity”.

The mission of the IAAE is to advance knowledge of econometrics, as well as its application in economics. The annual conference brings together leading researchers in the field to discuss and debate all aspects of econometrics, covering both its theoretical development and applied uses.

Congratulations to Hugo and Riccardo!

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