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UCL Economics’ Student Experience Survey (SES) results published

20 January 2022

The Student Experience Survey (SES) gives undergraduates in their penultimate year of study an opportunity to feedback on their experience at UCL and in the Department.

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UCL’s Student Experience Survey has recorded a 7.8 percentage point increase in overall satisfaction amongst penultimate BSc Economics students at UCL Economics, jumping from 66.7% in 2020-21 to 74.5% in 2021-22.  

There was notable improvement in the feedback and assessment category with an increase of 21.1 percentage points, and in the academic support category with an increase of 12.4 percentage points. 

BSc Economics Programme Co-Directors Dunli Li and Aureo De Paula commented,

"We are very pleased to see our student satisfaction scores in most of the SES categories have improved in comparison to last year’s results. This is without any doubt a great team effort and we would like to thank all our colleagues who have contributed to our BSc programme. There is always more we can do to improve, but this is a great achievement especially during a global pandemic.” 

The Student Experience Survey was developed by the UCL Student Engagement team in consultation with faculty representatives, and includes the current NSS questions, plus additional questions  

The purpose of the survey is to: 

  • help identify any programme-specific issues and allow us improve the experience for our undergraduate students while they are still at UCL; 

  • collect information on all aspects of the student experience, including IT and Library Services, UCL Student Support and Wellbeing and UCL Careers; 

  • introduce students to NSS style of questions.  

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