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The Economist: Efforts to modernise economics teaching are gathering steam

25 March 2021

student holding a sign saying 'does capitalism benefit women?'

The Economist recently discussed the modernisation of Economics teaching, including highlighting the revolutionary CORE textbook, which forms the cornerstone of the Department of Economics’ first year BSc Economics programme. Developed by CORE, an open knowledge global collaboration of economic researchers, including UCL Professor and CORE project director, Wendy Carlin, the free textbook "starts with inequality, rather than presenting it as an afterthought".

CORE (Curriculum Open access Resources in Economics) is based at UCL’s Department of Economics and aims to reform the teaching of economics to address today’s pressing problems – innovation, inequality, environmental sustainability, instability – linking to data and history, and incorporating recent economic research. A global coalition of researchers and teachers is developing free, high-quality, interactive online resources. CORE’s e-book, The Economy, is used in instruction in 368 universities in 61 countries.

Wendy Carlin is Professor of Economics at University College London (UCL) and Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). She is leading the CORE project - to reform the undergraduate economics curriculum. She discusses the CORE philosophy in the below video.

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