UCL Department of Economics


UCL Festival of Culture: Inequality in the 21st Century, June 7th 2-3pm UCL main quad

4 June 2019

What forces drive inequalities in the UK? And what can public policy do to shape and mitigate those forces?

UCL Festival of Culture

This public event, part of the UCL Festival of Culture, will be chaired by IFS Director and UCL Visiting Professor Paul Johnson. It will feature Professor Sir Richard Blundell and Professor Orazio Attanasio. It will examine the evidence and open the debate on the forces that drive inequalities in the 21st century - family structures, education, labour market institutions, technological change, globalisation - and on the role of public policy in shaping and mitigating them. It will highlight the recently launched IFS Review on Inequality chaired by Nobel Laureate Professor Sir Angus Deaton https://www.ifs.org.uk/inequality/ Professors Attanasio, Blundell and Johnson are all members of the Expert Panel for the Review.